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Skincare Tips for Rainy Days

By Cat Juan Ledesma

Take advantage of the rainy season by giving your skin some extra special care and find it looking even better when the sun comes out to play.

Exfoliation to the rescue: If you are interested in doing an exfoliating or brightening treatment, this is the best season to do it. With no beach trips in sight, your skin will have a better chance of healing properly without the harsh rays of the sun to burn your new skin layer. Head to your trusty dermatologist and book an appointment soon.

Stay dry and keep it breathable: Skin has a tendency to sweat a bit during humid rainy days and, without the sun to dry it, this is the perfect combination for fungus to start sprouting—especially on the skin of active kids. Gross. Try to keep skin, especially on your feet, cool and dry by using breathable fabrics like cotton.

Cleanse your skin internally: With the cooler nights, you can enjoy a cup of warm water with lemon before bed. This is a great way to bring the alkaline level of your skin back.

Dry your tools appropriately: Sponges and make up brushes have a tendency to stay damp during the rainy season, becoming the perfect carriers for bacteria that come in contact with your face. If the sun refuses to say hello, blast your tools with your blow dryer to make sure they dry correctly.

Bring back the glow: The gray weather often makes us feel a little sallow and “bleh”. Why not spend this forced indoor time playing with some self-tanning products to add a bit of a healthy flush to the skin? You can also dab a bit of lip & cheek tint on the apples of your cheeks and lips.



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