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Bikini Hair Care 101

In a tropical country like the Philippines, modern gals like us prefer wearing things that make us feel more comfortable. Be it shorts or bikini bottoms, society has taught us that having pubic hair is unappealing. There are different ways to solve this problem such as shaving, waxing, or just letting it grow!

So, which one should you do and how can help?


PROS: Cheap, quick, painless, and can be done anytime

CONS: Offers short-term results, may cause ingrown hair and razor bumps


PROS: Offers long-term results (six weeks, tops!), gives you a smoother after-effect

CONS: Can be painful for some, requires a lot of preparation

Whichever you decide on doing, know that you’re perfect no matter what and you shouldn’t let society tell you how to care for your body.