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Addressing Skin Stress

Stress is a word no one wants to hear and even more so, experience. It takes a toll mentally, emotionally and physically—sometimes linked to life-threatening diseases that are incurable.

It’s impossible to look your best when you’re stressed. Remember the MTV cartoon Migraine Boy? He had a constant throbbing in his head accentuated with vibrating lines around it whenever he gets riled up. It may have been funny but in real life, it’s actually a pain.

Stress and Your Skin

Our skin is not exempted from stress, in fact, it’s where the first evident signs appear. Sudden break-outs, rashes, acne and eczema are some of the main culprits. Studies show that there is a real connection of the mind and skin. Several nerve endings are connected to the skin, which in turn wrap around the organs so if you’re mentally strained, it manifests in your skin just as it gives you gastrointestinal problems, increased anxiety or hypertension.

Stress also causes chemical responses in the body that makes skin more sensitive and reactive to the elements. Stress also makes it more difficult for skin to heal. It causes your body to produce more cortisol and hormones that in turn tells your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. The more oily your skin, the more prone you are to break-outs.

Real Solutions

So how do you deal when stress is inevitable and it’s wreaking havoc on your complexion?

There are several solutions:

  1. Take up meditation, yoga or any relaxing activity
  2. Amuse yourself by doing fun things with your friends
  3. Exercise
  4. Get enough sleep
  5. Talk to a therapist if it’s really severe
  6. Change your diet
  7. Go the medical route and take antidepressants
  8. Go on a holiday
  9. Adopt a pet
  10. Take up a new hobby

Spoil yourself

We suggest a less invasive approach by way of pampering your skin with products that can help soothe the situation and improve your appearance in the process. When regularly practiced, it becomes a preventive measure so much so that you won’t ever require or consider going under the knife. It’s that effective!

April is all about you and your skin!

We’ve dedicated this whole month of April to achieving stress-free beauty by showcasing articles that tackle shopping for the right summer products for your kit, sunscreen, and a 10-step evening routine featuring items from the shop inspired by Korean women who know their way around gorgeous, glowing skin.

We also let our April Calyxta girl Kiana Valenciano in on the fun by rummaging through her IG photos and listing the ways she stays stress-free. One of our resident beauty gurus also teaches you DIY spa treatments that can be done at home.

#StressFreeBeauty is attainable with the right products and a little help from your friends. Keep in mind that sometimes, it’s just all in your head. You wouldn’t want to end up like Migraine Boy and his throbbing head—that ain’t so beauty.

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