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Product Review: Charmzone Snail Wrinkle Recover Cream

By: Cat Juan Ledesma

During my time as a beauty editor, it was always fun to guess what the latest active ingredient would be.  Because there always seemed to be a new scientific breakthrough that unlocked the potential of a fruit, vegetable, or seaweed to give you better looking skin instantly. Yes, there were some odd ones like mushrooms or fermented sake, but I have to admit that snail saliva has to be one of the strangest active ingredients I’ve ever encountered. I mean, how did someone willingly agree to put snail saliva on his or her face in the name of science? After you read this review of Charmzone Snail Wrinkle Recover Cream, you’ll be grateful that they did. 

Since its inception in 1984, the Korean brand, Charmzone, promises to give you the skincare products that really work. They like to call themselves a ‘green frog’ company that means that they challenge the industry by taking paths no one else has taken before. In their own words: “We never make it unless it’s special or different.” 

Charmzone’s Snail Wrinkle Recover Cream invites you to understand why a snail can slide across a knife without getting cut. So, it incorporates filtered snail mucus with ziyu glyocide, a cosmetic ingredient for skin conditioning, to offer four effects: moisturization, tightening of skin, toning of the eye area, and keeping the neck area wrinkle free. 

Personally, I was curious to try this product. It came in a beautiful package that looked so pretty on the beauty table. The cream inside was quite luxurious, but melted easily enough into the skin without leaving a film on top. It’s a little too rich for my oily skin during the day, but at night, my skin was grateful for the pampering. I always woke up with plumper, happier skin when I used this cream at night. For those curious about snail mucous in products, I believe this is a wonderful product to start with. 

My verdict? I would recommend Charmzone Snail Wrinkle Recover Cream if:

  1. You’re looking for a cream to help keep wrinkles away.
  2. You’ve always been curious about snail saliva in products.
  3. Your skin is more on the dry or combination side. 
  4. You want a night cream that will have you looking fabulous the next morning. 
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