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Product Review: Aesthetique Mircrodermabrasion Device

By: Ixi Castillo

It is no secret that exfoliating is a must in order to remove dry or dead skin cells that clog the skin.  This uncovers new cells, making it easier for our skin to absorb the nutrients from skincare products.  It also increases blood circulation which helps you achieve that physical radiance we all long for.

The Aesthetique Mircrodermabrasion Kit makes this process much easier.  It is literally like having a diamond peel at home. It comes with three tips of varying sizes which you can interchange depending on where you plan to exfoliate (you can use the largest tip to exfoliate parts of your body too!).  These tips have exfoliating crystals that help dislodge the layer of dead skin cells which are then gently sucked away by the vacuum in the device.  You can also adjust the settings to choose the intensity and duration of exfoliation depending on the area of the face you are working on.

Aesthetique Slider

Aside from a little redness after the process, I did feel the difference at once.  My skin was much smoother and after two uses, my breakouts were significantly less.  This is also a great tool for exfoliating your legs to get rid of ingrown hairs and those pesky bumps we get from shaving. 

The Aesthetique Mircrodermabrasion Kit is a nifty little contraption you can easily keep on your bathroom shelf or take anywhere with you.  It’s an extremely effective way to keep your skin in tip-top shape and you only have to use it once a week!


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