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Lace & Rue Honey Body Scrub Review

I got a jar of the new Lace & Rue scrub. It’s a big glass jar heavy with brown sugar, sweet almond oil, honey, and lavender essential oil. When I opened the lid, I was not disappointed. Lying within was a big blob of brown sugar drowned in fragrant oil just waiting to exfoliate me!

I must point out that brown sugar is dense so it feels like opening a tub of Lily’s peanut butter—all that oil on top! So be sure to dig in and mix everything. I used my clean hand to do this because I seriously believed a spoon would bend if I used it. That sugar was packed solid!

A handful is enough for my entire body. Brown sugar doesn’t melt quickly (unlike a salt scrub) so I really had to keep scrubbing my skin until the sugar melted.

I was afraid that if I didn’t, all those clumps of sugar would clog the drain! So I kept scrubbing at my skin, and after, I was buffed to baby skin softness and smoothness. That was tiring. Believe me when I say I have never had a simultaneous exfoliation and a workout in my life until I used Lace & Rue’s Honey Body Scrub!

The instructions say to just rinse with warm water, so I rinsed and patted my skin dry with a fluffy towel. If you use after-shower body oils like I do, the slick feeling the oil leaves on your skin won’t bother you. But if you like feeling squeaky clean, then I suggest you use soap to wash off the oil. Thing is if you do that, you also wash away the lovely moisture barrier.

Obviously, I love the product but I will have to warn you not to use this on the soles of your feet. The oil is thick and heavy, and doesn’t rinse off—so the first time I used this, I almost slipped in the shower and darn near killed myself! Plus, when I walked barefoot around the house, I left oily footprints and slippery patches everywhere that drove my neat-freak husband crazy. So don’t use this on the soles of your feet!

Other than that last part, I love Lace & Rue’s Honey Body Scrub! Try it!

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Text by: Frances Sales