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Product Review: Temptu Pro Concealer Wheel

By: Xeng Zulueta

Even though this is meant to be used with the airbrush foundations of Temptu, it’s great for everyday use especially for the under eye area. All thanks to the silicone, it glides on even the driest & wrinkled skin surface. It gives medium coverage but it does need to be set with either a powder foundation or any translucent powder. It comes in 5 shades: 1 light, 1 dark and 3 in-between shades.

It won’t be any trouble to find the perfect match to your skin tone because it’s easy to mix and play with and covers every kind of spot or imperfection on the face. You’ll need a concealer brush preferably made of synthetic nylon and a blending brush made of natural hair to set with powder. But a sponge or your fingers works just fine. I just wish it comes with another range of colors to address dark skin & those with yellow or warm complexions because I find it is best suited for those with pink or cool undertones.

Aside from hiding imperfections, this also works for contouring. Again, thanks to the silicone, it blends into the skin effortlessly which makes contour more natural-looking. You want contour to look flawless as possible as if you were born with chiseled cheek bones and this concealer achieves that because it is idiot proof. Lastly, I find it to be a “buildable” product wherein you can layer it many times depending on how much coverage you want. I give it my thumbs up!

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