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Makeup Tips to Ace that Job Interview

You sent out your résumés and now you got that coveted call for an interview. Congratulations! You have the perfect outfit and you’ve practiced answering all the questions the HR person could possibly fire at you, but have you got your makeup down pat? We asked bosses from several companies what makeup looks are interview-appropriate and here’s what they said:

Sheila Rada of Dominguez Marketing Communications 

“Since the purpose is for a job interview, makeup should just be enough to complete ones look not call attention to it. Of course, prepare for the interview itself. No amount of makeup, even the most flawless and perfectly applied one, can beat intelligence, personality, and due diligence.”

Joey Blanco of Citibank

“Nice classic makeup, no weird colors, not too heavy, nothing too trendy. It doesn’t matter what she wears in her regular life. A job interview is a job interview.” 

Abbie Real Dimaano of Smart Communications

“Not really the makeup but I judge based on over-all appearance. I interview A LOT of millennials so I encountered extremes: too much or nothing at all. No-makeup makeup is still the best. Funny but I can usually gauge if he/she will get it based on her clothes and appearance.” 

Here’s our quick tips to nail that interview with the perfect makeup look:

Groom your face. 

In a job interview, you’re sitting close enough together so that the person talking to you can study your face. You don’t want her to see your mustache or peach fuzz. So set an appointment with your favorite waxing salon and have any facial hair removed. Have your brows shaped, too, since well-groomed brows spell polish.

Go for a flawless finish.

You want an even complexion but this isn’t the time to pile on the base and practice your contouring and highlighting skills. Just smooth on sheer foundation (we like EVE PEARL HD DUAL FOUNDATION, P2,795) that matches your skin perfectly. If you’re lucky enough to have good skin, you can use a BB Cream like MAYBELLINE SUPER BB CREAM, P399, and then just use concealer on problem areas.

Look awake. 

While the interviewer will be observing your actions and gestures, she’ll also be looking at your eyes a lot. That doesn’t mean it’s time to break out your eyeshadow palette! In a job interview, you just want concealer to hide your undereye circles, a thin line of eyeliner to define your eyes, and eyelash curler and mascara to make eyes look big and bright. Try ARITAUM FULL COVER CREAM CONCEALER, P415, INGLOT AMC GEL EYELINER, P995, and GIRLACTIK STAR LASH MASCARA, P960, for wide-awake eyes.

Look alive. 

Your nervousness may be making you look pale and sallow so pat on a bit of blush to add color to your face. But don’t put on too much because color on a pale face can look clownish! Try a light dusting of L.A. COLORS MINERAL BLUSH, P249, for a natural flush. Use lipstick, too, since lipstick looks professional while gloss looks girly. Try L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Matte – Game, Set & Matte.

A polished look can give you the confidence boost you need to ace that interview but we have a last but most important tip: Smile! Your makeup may be perfect but if you don’t look happy to be there, the interviewer won’t be convinced you want the job. Good luck!

Text by: Frances Sales

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