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Everyday Runway

By: Yciar Castillo

The fashion runway is a great way to see what is in trend not only in clothing but also in hair and make up.  A lot of the looks that come down that runway may look outrageous and overdone but the point is to get ideas from the colours and textures of make up, how they were used on the face, and translate it to everyday make up.

Here are a few trends spotted during fashion week that you might want to give a shot:

  1. Lashes were huge on the runway for Spring/Summer. Your lash curler and mascara are your best friends to achieve this look.  Make those lashes extra lush with 2-3 coats of Maybelline Volume Express Falsies.  It is formulated with Pro-Keratin that builds up lashes giving it extra volume.
  1. Pure red lipstick shades have also made an appearance on the catwalk. Keep the rest of your make up muted and focus on your lipcolor for a balanced look for everyday (or night).  Besame has beautiful red shades that are long lasting and so pigmented that only one coat is needed to get that full red lip.
  1. Another trend you could try for everyday is blue eyeliner. It’s a safe way to be playful and to add a touch of colour to the face. Tight-line the eye with a cobalt blue or turquoise waterproof pencil or draw a fine winged line on the upper lash line.
  1. Use bronzer all over! Pick a bronzer with gold undertones and very light shimmer.  Line your eyes and dust bronzer on your eyelids and on the apples of your cheeks.  Make sure it is well blended.  This will give your skin a sun-kissed healthy glow.  Leave your lips muted for this look.
  1. Orange, coral, and pink eyeshadows have also been seen during the shows. These shades can give you a very fresh make up look if used correctly.  Lightly brush the eyeshadow onto your entire lid.  Do not pack your brush with pigment. Use a blending brush to ensure that you only get a subtle touch of color on the lid.

It’s easy to keep falling back on same old make up looks that you already know suit your face but don’t be afraid to have fun and experiment. There are ways to do it without being too extreme. Look at current trends for inspiration and interpret them in a style that to best suits you.


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