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Different Ways of Eyebrow Grooming

By: Agoo Bengzon

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a revolution of sorts when it comes to eyebrow grooming. Gone are the days of “the perfect arch” where brows were obviously drawn—and too thin and dark at that too. The brows of today are still well-groomed yet there’s a natural, almost organic look to them.

It’s important to note that arches should never look “blocky” or cartoon-like, so lay off the almost-black pencil and refrain from filling in the inner corners of your brows too much. Remember, the first step to getting #OnFleek brows is to get them to be at the right angle and shape, first and foremost. You can worry about the filling in, and thickness later on. If your arch lines up with the outer edge of your pupil, you’re halfway there already.

For those of you who are blessed with full and even arches, yours are the easiest to groom. Simply grab a clear (or tinted one if your tresses are light-colored) mascara, and brush your brow hairs upwards. The result is a playfully girly look that’s effortlessly fresh.

Eyebrows that are on the sparse side need a little more help, and this is where powders, pencils and brow mascaras will benefit in a huge way. Begin by using a pencil or powder in a shade lighter than your hair (this has been proven to subtract years from your face), then carefully fill in sparse areas using upward strokes. The trick here is to draw short, angled strokes in the direction of your brow’s hair growth.

Don’t be afraid to go for a little thickness. These days, fuller brows are equated with youth—and who doesn’t want that? After filling in your arches, use a brow mascara to “seal the deal.” Brow mascaras are especially helpful here as our weather tends to be on the humid side. The extra hold will help prevent stray hairs from suddenly re-emerging.

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