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6 Ways to Make Your Pores Look Smaller

By: Amanda Padilla

Pores prove that small things can be big. Many a product has been made to make dilated pores look as tight as possible. The truth is, in most cases, due to genetics, you are fighting an uphill battle.. While you can never reduce its size, you can definitely give the illusion of smaller looking pores. Here’s the rundown.

1. Keep your face clean. Nothing makes a pore gape more than when there is dirt or oil lodged in it. At night, be sure to do a double cleanse. Use an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup, dirt from pollution and excess natural oils from the skin. Then, use a foaming cleanser to draw out water-based impurities like sweat. During mornings, using the foaming cleanser is enough.

2. Moisturize with products that are light and non-comedogenic. If you use products that are heavy in mineral oils, chances are your pores will look more pronounced. Heavy oils tend to get deposited in the pore magnifying the way it looks.

3. Use blotting paper to soak up any excess oil you accumulate throughout the day.

4. Exfoliate at least twice a week. Use a facial scrub that contains alpha hydroxy acids or glycolic acids to deep cleanse the pores. A rotating facial brush, such as what Clarisonic has, can also help in making your skin look smoother and more even as it dislodges dirt and dead skin cells deep in the pores,.

5. Add retinoids to you regular skincare regimen. Retinoids are creams that you use on your face twice a week. They help speed up cell turnover leaving you with fresh, plump, young-looking skin. Using this significantly decreases the appearance of large pores on the face.

6. Use primers on your skin before putting on foundation. Primers are not only there to keep your makeup in place all day. They do a great job of smoothening out all the little crevices and contours of the skin, giving your makeup a smoother surface to glide on.


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