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5 Ideas for Halloween-Inspired Nail Art

It’s that time of the year when nail-polish lovers take out bottles filled with black, orange, red, white, and purple liquid, and have fun creating scary scenes on their nails! Here are simple Halloween-inspired nail art we found on Instagram that look easy enough to do:


Just draw a few squiggly black lines on white polish, add eyes, and you’re done!

Jack O’ Lanterns

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Paint your digits an eye-popping orange then draw evil (or silly!) eyes and mouths on a few nails.


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With white paint, draw a cobweb on one black nail for a simple yet dramatic creepy look.

Bloody Fingers

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Pick your bloodiest, deepest red for this spine-chilling nail art!

Full Moon

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If drawing is too much for you, try a circle or a crescent. A moon on a starry sky may be romantic—or scary!

Text by: Frances Sales

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