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Penshoppe #IAmDifferent: A Campaign Against Bullying

Living in a world where being different is more often than not mocked, isolated or bullied, local retail brand, Penshoppe, launches their first public CSR campaign to empower today’s youth and encourage them to celebrate their uniqueness—through the #IAmDifferent campaign.

#IAmDifferent is a movement that inspires everyone to embrace their quirks and be proud of it, despite what other people think. “Being different is something to celebrate and be proud of, that’s why Penshoppe is truly committed to empowering the youth to embrace their individuality,” shares Penshoppe Brand Director, Jeff Bascon.

Penshoppe’s Brand Director, Jeff Bascon

Penshoppe Ambassadors Karl Kramer and Tanner Matter with Penshoppe Models

Penshoppe’s international brand ambassadors, Bella Hadid, Lucky Blue Smith, Kaia Gerber, and Sandara Park joined the campaign as well to help bring focus to the rampant issue, especially nowadays where 1 of 2 Filipino students have experienced or witnessed bullying in their schools. With the rise of social media, it’s become even more widespread as it provides a more convenient channel to spread hate and anger, while thriving on people’s insecurities.

A new collection of limited edition tees and caps which are emblazoned with the campaign statements, “I Am Different” and “Different is good.” were made with luxe fabric and a special identifier: a unique serial number. All proceeds from this collection will benefit the development of a module that discourages bullying and encourages acceptance, in partnership with Teach For the Philippines.

Visit to know more about how you can also embrace what makes you different and take a stand against bullying.

Text by: Gretchen Gatan