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Best of Blue: 5 Blue Products You Need in Your Beauty Bag

Blue is one of the primary colors in the color wheel. It isn’t too loud, but it doesn’t lack pigment either. It’s a color that’s not hard to spot because it’s practically everywhere. Remember your favorite dark blazer, your denim jeans, your favorite beach, and not to mention the obvious but — the sky? They’re all in different shades of blue, and they’re all pretty much essential in our lives. Now not only can blue be found everywhere, but it’s also a color that brings a calming effect. With that said, here are five blue products you need to put in your beauty bag!

Everyone needs to keep their faces moisturized—and that’s whether your skin is dry, oily, or combination! This oil-free moisturizer placed in sleek sky blue packaging is infused with Alaska and Fiji water that makes it very hydrating, and it’s exactly what you need for your tired skin!

No matter what we do, the chances of getting damage caused by the sun’s intense rays are always high! We will need all the help that we can get when it comes to recovering from the sun’s harm—like this brightening serum that specifically targets your sunspots and all other skin problems due to UV rays!

One of the worst mistakes you can do in doing your makeup is forgetting to put primer on! This primer will minimize your pores and you need it to keep all oil at bay.

You’re probably more comfortable wearing nude lipsticks for your everyday look, but we think you need a bold matte lipstick for when you’re feeling adventurous. It also gives an extra boost of confidence and it’s super long-lasting!

For the last but certainly not the least item that you should really throw into your beauty bag, we highly recommend the new Sapphire Beautyblender! This bold addition to your makeup stash will not only make you feel like you’ve upped your entire makeup game, but also make you feel a notch cooler whenever you blend products on your face!

Text by: Anne Navarro

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