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Thoughtful Gift Ideas For The Bride And Groom

If you’re in your 20s and 30s, this is probably the part where we’re all grown up and our friends are getting married one by one. And from boy band posters or a flirty dress, we’re graduating to giving home décor, living room accessories, and such to our beloved amigas.

Through the years, I’ve learned that when it comes to wedding presents, it’s best not to impose your taste on the couple. “Personalized” doesn’t always mean having their initials engraved or embroidered, but a careful thought into what they may like, or what their new life may need, are sweet gestures, too.

Unless otherwise indicated, non-material gifts are welcome (e.g. a gym membership, a ticket to a musical, or dinner for two at a nearby restaurant), but if you’re looking for actual gift ideas, here are a few options:

They always entertain the group with amazing, out-of-this-world stories to tell (how they met while freediving), and it’s exactly because of this sense of adventure that they actually clicked. This fun bottle glass set is a thoughtful way to commemorate how nature brought them together!

Always quite a sight together, they’re the bride and groom everyone expected to have the chicest invites, venue décor, and all. They have always had a keen eye for style, and this set of black minimalist utensils will definitely be a reflection of that.

They made you (and the world!) believe that long distance relationships can work. Let this digital world time clock be a reminder of that! This gift can also be useful for couples who have family abroad, or who are planning to migrate and build a new life out of the country.

Even before getting engaged, this pair has already had a hand at parenting, thanks to their fur baby! As they begin their new life together as one family unit (Awww!), a dog bowl and picnic basket set would come in handy.

Even when you tagged along as a “single” person, it was such a joy being in their company. There was never a moment when you felt out of place. As you’re most likely to be spending time at their new home, why not gift them this set of woven glass goblets for entertaining?

Before becoming a pair, nobody knew they were together. The bride and groom are admittedly home bodies, and while you do wish that they come out of their caves more often, you love them all the same. This bar cart encourages a lot of breakfasts in bed and wining and dining in their living room!

A chocolate fountain machine of their very own? Yes, please! Your newlywed, sweet toothed friends will definitely love this, and I’m pretty certain their future children will, too.

The bride and groom are quite characters, oozing with coolness, that it’s no surprise their hipster sensibilities hit off from the get-go. What better present to give them than this retro wall sign?

Text by: Tita Pacita

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