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Engagement Stories: Jico Joson and Raizel Baltazar

Calyxta Engagement Stories:

Jico Joson and Raizel Baltazar

Can you give us a quick introduction of yourselves? What do you do?

I’m Raizel Baltazar. I’m a full-time licensed Financial Advisor from Sun Life Financial. My fiance is Jico Joson, and he’s the Art Director of

When did you start dating? How did your love story start?

We started dating around 10 years ago. We went to the same college (UST) and his brother was my block mate and kabarkada. We started hanging out at a time when we both just came from a breakup. Since his brother is my friend, I’d hang out in their house to cry. Hahaha!

What was the initial reaction after the proposal? Can you share with us the story?

Initial reaction was–-tulala lang. We got engaged at the airport. Nobody knew his plan except for his parents and my parents (a few hours before the proposal). He was going to pick me up from the airport. I came from a company outing, so there were a lot, I mean A LOT of SunLifers at the airport. Then when I went out of the airport, he was just standing there in the waiting area, wearing a white long-sleeved polo and dress pants (something that he wouldn’t normally wear to an airport trip) and he was holding a bouquet of white flowers. Then I knew something was up. I was yelling, “Ano yan suot mo?!” (What are you wearing?!) Hahaha! Then there. He approached me and proposed. It was so noisy in the airport, nakakahiya! Hahaha! Luckily, my colleagues were able to capture the moment.

Who was the first person you shared your engagement with and why?

I asked Jico if my sister knew, but she didn’t since she was out of the country that time. There was no chance to meet her personally. So I messaged her via Viber on our way home. Why? Because she’s my big sister!

What was the first thing you thought about right after the engagement that’s related to the wedding?

Budget! Haha.

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