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Real Bride: Pam Tubaña-Buhay

What lip color did you choose for the wedding day?

I let my makeup artist decide on which color to put on my lips for the ceremony and reception—he never disappoints!

What was in your wedding day makeup kit/pouch?

I decided not to bring any makeup kit or pouch, especially during the wedding ceremony.  I just wanted to hold my bouquet along with my beautiful dress and had my makeup retouched before the program began.

What’s the inspiration behind your wedding look? Did you have any hair and makeup pegs?

For my hair, I wanted it neat, simple, and classy. For my makeup, I just trusted my makeup artist to do his thing. He has been my makeup artist for a few other special events and he always knows what to do!

 Who designed your wedding gown, and how did you come up with the style? How long did it take to create or find the perfect wedding dress?

The truth is, I bought my gown ready-made and just had it adjusted by a local designer to fit me perfectly.

How did you choose your hair and makeup artist? 

It’s very important to choose a makeup artist whom you trust—someone who can enhance your natural beauty. I met a lot of makeup artists about a year ago and none of them really suited my taste until I met Louie Abcede. He has been my makeup artist since my best friend’s wedding. When he first saw me, he knew what shade’s best for my skin. He achieved the “no makeup” makeup look, which I totally love!

“It’s very important to choose a makeup artist whom you trust.”

What was your biggest takeaway from your wedding day? Do you have any beauty-related tips you’d like to share to upcoming brides?

Enjoy! Just enjoy everything—from the preparations, to the wedding day itself, up to the reception. It’s every girl’s dream to marry the one they truly love. And if you feel happy, it will show naturally! Whether you’re planning a D.I.Y. wedding or getting a professional wedding planner, just enjoy and always feel blessed for everything and the rest will follow!

Lastly, what makes your wedding uniquely yours and your husband’s? What makes your wedding “you”? 

My husband and I have been together for 12 years and we knew what we wanted our wedding to be like. We want it to be inspiring. We have been very hands on with every detail of our wedding—from choosing the songs to be played, photographer, videographer, color palettes, flowers, food, up to the venue. Our goal is to share our joy and to inspire others by our story, by our love, and hopefully one day to marry the one they love.

“Enjoy! Just enjoy everything.”

What was the best beauty advice you received that helped you prepare for your wedding?

RELAX! Especially since mine was a D.I.Y. wedding and I’ve been coordinating other weddings and debut events at the same time. My colleagues always tell me to relax and take one day at a time. It’s important for every future bride to take some time off to go to the spa or have their nails done, trim their hair, and get some fresh air!

How about in terms of fitness? What did you do months before the wedding to stay in shape and make sure your wedding dress fit perfectly? Did you enroll in a gym or fitness center? What was your diet like?

My ex-boyfriend, which is now my husband, is a fitness bud! He knew I didn’t have enough time to hit the gym so he would cook healthy meals for dinner and make sure I’d get enough sleep. I love how my partner turned out to be my health instructor.