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At The Carnival



For the big day, why not recreate the wonder and excitement that first love gives? Look back on your first few dates and relive the rush of fun and mischief—the first time you went to the carnival together and the rush of bubbling laughter and budding adoration as you rode roller coasters over and over again, played carnival games to win the giant teddy bear for your love, stuffed yourselves silly with carnival fare and cotton candy, and the feeling of anticipation to hold hands for the first time. Surround yourself with the same youthful energy and sense of adventure for when you finally meet each other down the aisle and say “I do.”

Clockwise, from left to right:

[DECOR] Ballons N Party | [DECOR]  |[FASHION] Bridal dress by Alexandra Grecco | [MAKEUP] Sarah Ahmed Makeup | [CAKE] Carats and Cakes

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