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Wedding Traditions: What are Great Tips and What Can You Skip?

Your wedding dress should be white.

Certain colors just make us feel better, don’t they? Some ladies claim to be more bold and confident when donning red, or fun and flirty in pink. Others like to keep it toned down and chic with an all-black ensemble. If you’re a bride-to-be and aren’t too keen on slipping into something white for your big day, don’t feel pressured to. Many women, both regular Janes and celebrities alike, are choosing to wed in colors they like best and feel most comfortable in. Whether it’s baby blue, lavender, or any other color of the rainbow—you do you! Walk down that aisle in whatever color makes you as happy as the person waiting for you at the end of it.

Be sure to look extra glamorous.

More than a few comments are made to many future brides that they should be glammed up like no tomorrow for their wedding. News flash: You don’t have to be. In fact, more and more women are choosing to keep their hair and makeup lowkey when they get married. Gone are the days when it seemed like every bride had to have a perfectly made up face. Nowadays, it’s all about keeping skin looking polished and not hidden behind foundation, opening up the eyes without resorting to tons of eye shadow, and topping lips with a nude shade and touch of gloss. Brows can even be groomed and just left au naturel.

All the bridesmaids have to dress alike.

If you want to be comfortable and let your personality shine through with your chosen wedding dress, shouldn’t your bridesmaids get to do the same? They’re likely your closest gal pals or relatives after all. Get creative and allow your bridesmaids to choose what colors they’d want to wear during the wedding, and even if they’ll opt to grin and bear it with heels or not. Of course, there still has to be a common theme or some uniformity going on. If they’re going to be choosing dress colors, or even fabrics, give them a range of options you selected and maybe have them sporting the same accessories. In the end, it won’t only be the bride having tons of fun that day.

You’ll need to invite lots of friends and family.

Let’s face it. Filipino families tend to be huge, but don’t be obligated to invite everyone up until that third cousin you barely speak to or even remember. Not only is it more practical, but you’ll be celebrating the love between you and your partner, so why not share it in front of people you two really care about? Think of how much warmer and more comfortable the reception will be after, too.

Serve cake at the reception.

Believe it or not, not everyone’s got a hankering for cake. Switch it up when it comes to what your guests will dine on by having a tower of donuts or cutely-decorated brownies. Or maybe pass around some scrumptious ice cream sundaes instead. If you and your partner are in agreement, you can also opt for no cake at all. There’ll be plenty of other treats to keep the guests happy. Plus, you can skip those slightly awkward photos of you and your partner feeding cake to one another.

Splurge on an expensive honeymoon getaway.

Even if you and your future spouse earn a decent salary every month, dropping a pretty penny on some exotic, 2-week vacation isn’t the best (and only) plan. Planning a vacation destination and itinerary that you’re both happy with is what’s most important, whether it’s just holing up in a hotel downtown for a sweet staycation, backpacking through a foreign countryside, or spending a week or two learning how to surf the local waves. You’ll both end up making memories to fondly look back on together, even in your twilight years.

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