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The Calyxta Crew’s Dream Engagement Rings

When you work in an office full of women (with most of us still single), it’s inevitable for us to talk about anything that relates to weddings—be it proposals, preparations, or the ceremony itself. Words like, “So and so got engaged the other day!” or “Did you see so and so’s wedding?!” are almost common to hear in the workplace, so I decided—why not ask the gorgeous ladies of Calyxta to share their dream engagement rings?

Check out what they had to say!

“It doesn’t look like an ordinary engagement ring but could still pass as a classic. That’s all I can think of right now because I don’t see myself getting engaged anytime soon.”


“An eternity diamond white gold band with a classic diamond setting. I want an engagement ring that gives off a traditional vibe, yet is a bit flashy at the same time.”


“I’ve never really thought about the specifics of my dream engagement or wedding ring. I’ll take whatever my future spouse will give me. Haha! But I like the idea of raw or uncut stones for my ring. A nice pink Topaz with a rose gold band. They say Topaz sparks creativity and brings a zest for life.”


“I think it’s the rareness of a yellow diamond that attracts me to it. Depending on the setting and cut, the yellow diamond is a refreshing pop of color that is still considered a classic.”


“Honestly, it’s my first time to try looking up ‘engagement ring’ on Pinterest since I haven’t really thought that far into my future yet. Among the many rings I saw, I was drawn to this cushion cut diamond ring the most. It just looks so elegant without being over the top.”


“I love rose gold, and unlike other usual engagement rings, it has a variety of colors on it. I love colorful things and most things I own have a lot of color, and it seems appropriate that one of the most memorable things I’ll ever own would be the same. Also, even when I’m wearing something plain, it will definitely stand out.”


“This was my dream stone with the setting of my preference.”

“My husband, who was so sweet, gave me the same setting with a more modest princess cut diamond, which I still love!”


“My siblings like to call me the ‘vanilla child’ and I think it stems from me liking plain and basic things. But I’ve always been a minimalist (whether it’s my taste in fashion, interior design, etc.) and this applies to my dream engagement ring! I’m really into round cuts on a white gold band, and my dream is a clear, 2 carat diamond. I’m also attracted to round cuts that have halos!”


“14K Rose Gold Pave Crown Bezel for my dream engagement ring! It’s simple and elegant yet modern. Something I’d feel comfortable wearing every day for the rest of my life.”


Text By: Gretchen Gatan