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3 Unconventional Bridal Makeup Looks You Can Try


No falsies, no layers of foundation, no heavy contours. Most women would gasp at these three absences, but not you. If you aren’t one to put on lots of makeup on a daily basis and prefer to feel lightweight on your wedding day, maybe this one is for you! Think Coleen Garcia when she married Billy Crawford at the beach. If you’re having an outdoor wedding or even a beach wedding like the Crawfords, this look makes a lot of sense, too. Who wants to be worrying about melty makeup on one of the biggest days of your life?

Something Blue

Instead of wearing blue undies or blue heels, why don’t you work in a bit of blue eyeshadow or blue eyeliner into your look for your something blue“? A skilled makeup artist would love the room to play around with some color on the bride, rather than the usual range from nude to nude. A bit of navy on the eyes might be fun over smoking your eyelids with the usual browns. The key is to balance it out with your cheeks and lips, so it looks seamless rather than a shock of blue.


Take inspiration from the K-Beauty trends and wear the same shade on your eyes, cheeks, and lips! This is perfect if you’re going DIY with your makeup and are a practical gal– you won’t have to buy too many new things just for the wedding. Try using the same lip and cheek product on all three features. Just don’t forget to add a bit of dimension with eyeliners, contour and highlighting products, and mascara. This also works for softer hues like mauves and pinks for an ethereal look that could go well with a flower crown.

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