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Engagement Stories: Nate Go and Cait Chan

Calyxta Engagement Stories:

Nate Go and Cait Chan

November 11, 2017 at the Rooftop of Escape Plan MNL’s building along Jupiter Street

Can you give us a quick introduction of yourselves? What do you do?

Nate is an entrepreneur and handles various businesses. One of his newest ventures is Escape Plan Manila, which has immersive escape rooms perfect for corporate, friends, and family bonding. I work full time in Love, C Manila. We supply affordable ready-to-wear and custom gowns for women. Our clients are usually brides-to-be and we help them dress up their bridesmaids and entourage. Our website is (Shop now! Haha).

When did you start dating? How did your love story start?

We started dating 7 years ago. I met him through our common friends. After meeting him twice in random events, he asked me to go out with him. We had dinner and watched Puss in Boots. We lied to each other that we wanted to watch the movie just to spend more time together (but we didn’t really want to watch it. Haha!). We continued dating for three months before we became official.

“He asked me to stand up and then he bended on one knee and proposed. I don’t remember exactly what happened during those minutes. I also can’t recall his speech.”

What was the initial reaction after the proposal? Can you share with us the story?

After the proposal, I thought I was dreaming.

Sure, let’s go back to November 11, 2017. I finished working around 4:30pm and I was exhausted from work. I wanted to go home and rest, but we were scheduled to test one of the rooms of Escape Plan Manila at 5pm with a couple of his friends. I wanted to ditch it but in my mind, I had to support Nate. Escape Plan Manila and the proposal venue were in the same building. While in the elevator, he asked me to take off my jacket, which I found weird. I also realized that he was quite overdressed. He brought me to the rooftop, which was kind of strange as Escape Plan Manila was on the fifth floor—but he said that the Escape Room that we were solving started on the rooftop. Too tired to think, I believed him.

As we reached the rooftop, I saw two photographers taking photos of us. The lights suddenly turned on and then I saw the beautiful gazebo full of Christmas lights and red rose petals scattered on the floor. The set up was surreal! Nate knows I love seeing lights, so I was really impressed. I thought, “Escape Plan pa ba ito?!” I also noticed there were people on the other side of the rooftop, but I couldn’t see their faces. Nate led me into the middle of the gazebo. He asked me to sit down with him and watch a photo compilation of our memories together on his tablet. After watching, he asked me to stand up and then he bended down on one knee and proposed. I don’t remember exactly what happened during those minutes. I also can’t recall his speech.

After the proposal, I thought I was dreaming. All our friends showed up from the other side of the roof and gathered towards us. I was really happy finally seeing their faces and at the same time, trying to figure out if all of this was true.

Who was the first person you shared your engagement with and why?

I called my mom immediately, but she already knew about it because Nate asked for their permission before he proposed. She was actually waiting for my call. Haha!

What was the first thing you thought about right after the engagement that’s related to the wedding?

The first thing that entered my mind was the entourage outfits! I want to make the perfect gowns for my girls, of course care of Love, C Manila. I am also excited to make my own wedding gown.

Engagement Story

Nate’s sister and friends helping out with the set up.

To get to the proposal venue, we had to climb a ladder attached to a water tank!

The proposal.

Our family and friends hiding on the other side of the roof while waiting for us to arrive.

Nate and I watching the photo compilation he made on his tablet.

Drone shot taken by his brother while I was crying!

Nate, me, and the ring. <3

Our family and friends finally showed up! <3

The amazing proposal crew.

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