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Golden Gaze

Step 1: Gently buff on MAYBELLINE DREAM VELVET MATTE to create an even-toned fresh-finish complexion. Remember to apply a thin veil of foundation to the eyelids and lips too–this creates a blank canvas that will help pigments stand out.

Step 2: Using a blush brush, apply PIXI BEAUTY BLUSH DUO + KABUKI ROSE GOLD on each side of the face, starting from the top of your cheekbone and following the angle of the face contour in a triangular shape that sees the widest angle on the outer part of your cheekbones, tapering inward towards the nose.

Step 3: If your brows are thin or not naturally well defined, fill in with a perfectly matched, well-sharpened OFRA UNIVERSAL EYEBROW PENCIL by flicking tiny lines where hairs should ideally be. Make sure you blend well with a brow brush to ensure there are no telltale pencil marks.

Step 4: Get generous with the golds and the shimmer. Take a yellow shadow, like the one in the SLEEK I-DIVINE ULTRA MATTES V1 BRIGHTS PALETTE, and apply it to your lids to act as a base for the next color. Then take a very pigmented gold shadow and sweep it on top of the yellow base to add depth to the hue, as well as add shimmer to your lids. With a bronze color, carefully and precisely contour the crease and create a wing on the outer v of your eyes. The URBAN DECAY GWEN STEFANI EYESHADOW PALETTE contains beautiful shimmery shades that are incredibly pigmented.

Step 5: With the L’Oreal SUPER LINER, draw a thin line as close to your lashes as possible.

Step 5: Add drama to your peepers by adding some thick false lashes like BOHKTOH FALSE LASHES Y-013. Finish off the look with MAYBELLINE VOLUME EXPRESS FALSIES.

Step 6: Keep the focus on your eye makeup by choosing a neutral, My Lips But Better shade for your lips like OFRA LONG LASTING LIQUID LIPSTICK IN BEL-AIR.

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