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Camille Co: Creating Dream Weddings

Chatting with Instagram star Camille Co is fun. She’s not just a static stylish image anymore. She’s funny, with a naughty sense of humor. She likes cracking jokes and poking fun at herself. She’s aware of her celebrity status but she’s nonchalant about it as well. 

Recently, the fashion designer and style/travel blogger has been making waves online because of her wedding-themed posts and features on magazines and websites. Because Camille is dating Joni Koro, a Finnish businessman who imports and distributes Scandinavian furniture, and because she is building a new home (with TWO sinks in the master’s bath!), her hundreds and thousands of fans are speculating a wedding is in the works. 

Camille says there is no wedding yet but she adds, “We’ve talked about it and we know each other’s expectations. I guess that’s the safest way to answer this question.” So they have talked about it! Camille Co fans, you can now shriek in delight! Here’s more of our chat with Camille for you to swoon over. Do pay attention because she gives her top tips on creating dream weddings! 

What’s your dream wedding like?

An intimate destination wedding with only the closest of our family and friends. 

What kind of gown do you dream of wearing and will you design it?

Yes, I’ll design it but who knows, maybe I’ll have multiple gowns and I’d get to wear other designers’ gowns too. My dream wedding gown varies from time to time though but maybe nothing princess-like. No huge puffy gowns. 

Back in the day, it’s enough that there’s a motif. Now, weddings seem to be like movie productions! There’s a stylist, a shot list, a mood board, a playlist! What do you think of this? Does it excite you or does it overwhelm you?

I think it’s exciting. Planning a wedding can be so stressful and overwhelming so all these lists and mood boards are great tools to help brides feel more prepared. This way nothing gets lost in translation especially when they meet with suppliers. Everyone is on the same page. Most importantly, the brides get a clearer picture of what they really want. 

While you may not be getting married yet, you do have a lot of experience with shoots and styling, plus you’re a fashion designer. What are your Top 3 Tips on how to create a beautiful wedding?

1. Be decisive. Browse through different options and then carefully decide. But once you’ve made the decision, stick to it. 

2. Choose suppliers you can trust 100%. 

3. Surround yourself with the best support system that care about you and your perfect wedding. You need all the help you can get. You can’t do it all by yourself. 

Because of Instagram, guests will want to share photos of weddings on their IG. Give 3 tips for brides to have an IG-worthy wedding. What are your 3 tips for guests?

For brides:

1. Make sure there’s good lighting.

2. Stick to a theme and color palette.

3. Think about the details. Little details make for the perfect IG snapshots.

For guests:

1. Find your light. It’s all about the lighting. 

2. Follow the dress code so you know you’re sure to fit in with the night’s theme. 

3. Download apps like Snapseed and VSCO. 

Finally, when do you want to get married? Where’s your dream honeymoon? What’s Joni’s take on this???

I think you should definitely ask Joni about this because #pressure [laughs]. I still have no idea where I want to spend my honeymoon, though. But definitely a place my future husband and I can discover together. Nothing too stressful. Just a relaxed getaway. 

“Next week, Camille Co talks about beauty secrets and her tips on how any bride can have the perfect #selfie.”

Photography by: ANDREA BELDUA
Videography by: RICHARD WEBB
Makeup by: RIA AQUINO
Jewelry by: ATELIER818

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