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How to Pull Off A Destination Wedding

By: Cat Juan Ledesma

My husband and I had our dream wedding six years ago at Coron, Palawan where we found an island that could accommodate just our destination wedding party for three whole days. A destination wedding was the perfect way to start our life as a couple that can’t seem to stay in one place for too long. Here are some tips I can offer to make sure that you can look your best during a magical wedding in a far off place.

1. Find your trusty beauty suppliers through trials: If you’re planning to fly in someone for your hair and makeup. Be sure to do a trial a few months before the big day and commit to that look. It’s difficult to try something new in the destination itself, because you have to remember that the team will only be bringing what is needed.

2. Learn how to do you your own makeup:It will often cost you less to attend a professional makeup class and stock up on high quality makeup for your big day. Superstar Bianca Gonzalez did just that when she had herdestination wedding in El Nido Palawan.

3. Time your other treatments: Want to have your hair colored and cut? How about a Brazilian wax? Start preparing a timeline for all your beauty needs so you don’t forget and you also have enough time to heal. I heard of a bride who was trying to do an underarm whitening treatment but got badly burned because she rushed her waxing job for the wedding just a few days after. Needless to say, she was not lifting her arms very much during her reception.

4. Beware of tan lines: Many times a destination wedding means you’re going to have a few free days to do some fun activities with guests. Be careful about tan lines caused by having a little too much fun in a bikini. This can steal the spotlight from your beautiful dress.

5. Simpler beauty looks are often better:If you’re planning to recruit local hair stylists to do your hair. Be warned that sometimes it’s triple the price of a blowout in Manila or oftentimes it’s nowhere near as good. I discovered in Palawan that the hairstylists the resort hired for my wedding were actually pretty terrible, so my bridesmaids did my hair. Thank goodness, the style that I was going for was very relaxed and casual.

6. Don’t put pressure on your guests: A destination wedding means that guests also have to think about what they are going to wear far ahead of time. Try to be considerate and encourage attire and makeup looks that are comfortable and can take the travel.

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