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Destination Beauty: Makeup Looks to Wear to Different Weddings

The right kind of makeup matters, depending on where the wedding will be!

Weddings nowadays sure aren’t what they used to be. Whether they’re at the top of a hill all the way in New Zealand or in a small chapel tucked in a secluded island, one thing’s for sure—you want to look the part of a gorgeous guest, but you also want to be comfortable. Here are our top beauty tips for those of you who’ll be witnesses (or the bride herself) at a wedding:


If you’re going to a good ol’ hotel reception, thank your lucky stars for air conditioning! Take advantage of the cool temp by donning a dewy look, which would be close to impossible to pull off at a scorching hot beach wedding. When wearing highlighter, always remember to apply it only on high areas, and avoid the t-zone. No one really enjoys staring at a shiny forehead.

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A wedding by the beach calls for some semi-matte foundation and powdered formulas. Heat and humidity are often the mortal enemies of cream and liquid formulas, so it would be best to stay away from them. For this type of look, you can still use a liquid foundation but make sure to set it with a good pressed or loose powder to seal the deal. You can also opt to use metallic eye shadow so as not to make the entire beauty look fall flat. A good powdered metallic eye hue will elevate your look, and more importantly, will hold throughout the ceremony. Finish off with a makeup

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Attending a wedding in cooler climates sounds like a dream (goodbye, melting makeup!) but it has its cons too. Often, the problem with cold climates is it can be really harsh on your skin, and can even make skin flake and make your foundation crack. Your best weapon? Primers! Choose one that has skin care benefits, and make sure to give it time to set before you apply your foundation, and the rest. Oh, and stay away from liquid matte formulations for lips—those will just end up drying out your lips. Go for creamy textures instead as those will keep your lips healthy-looking and moisturized.

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Text by: Agoo Bengzon

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