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5 Signature Scents Real Brides Wore to Their Wedding Day

Planning about your entire bridal beauty look must include your fragrance. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time greeting guests. Not to mention, facing the love of your life and vowing to spend eternity with him. Surely such a momentous occasion deserves careful thought and planning.

If you are deciding on whether to go with a favorite scent, a completely new one, or a perfume your husband-to-be absolutely loves on you, let these real brides and their own experiences help you decide.

Chrina Cuna-Henson, Managing Director and Producer – Married 4 Years Scent: Jo Malone’s Peony & Blush Suede

I chose it for my wedding day because it’s an elegant scent that’s appropriate from day-to-night. I loved the romantic full floral notes layered with the softness of blush suede and a fresh top note. I find that it’s a unique scent that is not overpowering but is still extremely long-lasting.

I distinctly remember spritzing myself with perfume and feeling like it was the final touch to my bridal look. The scent made me feel very feminine and confident—the way I always feel in Peony & Blush Suede. After all, I really just wanted to smell like myself and didn’t want to show up on my wedding in a brand new, unfamiliar scent.

Eliza Constantino-del Rosario, Reading Clinican – Married 1 and 1/2 years Scent: Versace Bright Crystal

I wore it because it was the scent I was loving during that time. It was also a plus that pink is my favorite color and it helped that it was in a pretty bottle, so it also looked great in photos.

I didn’t have to worry knowing that the scent I chose was something I used every day because I was confident that it is tried-and-tested.

Zild Ansay-Aquino, Hotelier – Married 2 Months Scent: Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey and Versace Bright Crystal

My main perfume was Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey. I used this during the ceremony.  I searched literally everywhere for my wedding scent. Jo Malone really matched my personality. I knew it was the one. Love at first sniff.

I wanted to use it as well for the reception but one of my husband’s Titas gave me a Versace Bright Crystal as her bridal gift. I wanted her to know that I appreciated her gift, which is why I wore it during the reception.

I didn’t want to use my usual favorite, which is Lancôme La Vie Est Belle. I really wanted to pin that memory to a new scent so that when I smelled it in the future, I would remember my wedding day and nothing more. I used it also during my honeymoon! So that perfume really reminds me of the best days of my life.

Meira Furuki-Chua, Pastoral Administration Assistant – Married 7 Months Scent: TOCCA Eau de Parfum in Florence

Around a year before our wedding, I wore this fragrance one day and my then-fiancé-now-husband, absolutely loved it! We have always struggled with finding the “right scent” for me that we both loved. My husband is a fan of citrus, clean scents, while I much prefer to lean towards the floral side. So when I got a favorable reaction from him, I decided to cease using it in the meantime and save it for our wedding day!

There were barely any flowers around since our wedding was during the tail-end of winter in Japan, but the elegant floral scent was a piece of warmth amidst the chilly day. Picking the right fragrance for me definitely completed my overall look. Every time I smell it, I am reminded of our wedding day and I always find myself smiling from ear to ear.

Ronna Capili-Bonifacio, Writer – Married 7 Years Scent: Dolce & Gabbana La Roue de La Fortune

In spite of being a beauty writer for many years, including the year I was preparing for my wedding, I was not able to give my perfume choice a lot of thought. I had a couple of scents I rotated and Dolce & Gabbana La Roue de La Fortune was a newly opened bottle. At first, it was the name that captured my interest—it is translated as wheel of fortune in English—it felt like an appropriate name for the big leap I was about to take. Once I sniffed it, I knew it was perfect for the occasion. It was unlike the usual clean and citrusy or floral scents I gravitate toward. It was a bit more mature and sensual, perhaps because of the patchouli and vanilla base notes. I still love spraying it to this day when we go on dates because the scent reminds me of us.

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Ronna Capili Bonifacio is a writer, editor, and columnist covering beauty and lifestyle for over a decade. She now also tries to humorously write about motherhood as a mom of two. Apart from skin care and cosmetics, Ronna’s true weakness are books and coffee. You can follow her on Instagram @ronnabonifacio and her blog:

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