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Vitamin A: 5,000 I.U, Vitamin D2: 400 I.U, Vitamin E 45 I.U, Vitamin B1: 2mg, Vitamin B2: 2mg, Nicotaminade: 20mg, Calcium pantothenate: 15.3mg, Pyridoxine hydrochloride: 2mg, Cyanocalamin: 6mg, Ascorbic Acid: 60mg, Ferrous Fumarate: 54.76mg, Iron: 18mg, Cupric Sulfate: 7.86mg, Copper 2mg, Magnesium Oxide 66.34mg, Magnesium 40mg, Zinc Oxide 5mg, Zinc 4mg, Calcium 74.6mg, Phosphate 55.3mg, Manganese Sulfate 3mg, Manganese 980mcg, Potassium Sulfate18mg, Potassium 8.1mg, Lecithin 50mg, Korean Ginseng 40mg, Aloe Extract 5mg


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Ginking: Multivitamins + Minerals + Lecithin + Korean Ginseng + Aloe Extract

1. Treat and prevents dementia and Alzheimer
2. Reducer your cholesterol and anxiety
3. Anti-Eczema
4. Improves skin complexion and moisturizes
5. Reduces wrinkles
6. Immune booster
7. Reduces blood sugar
8. Improves the coronary flow arteries of your veins
9. Helps problem with constipation
10. Helps in wound healing
11. Anti-Oxidant
12. Improves digestive system
13. 60 capsules per box

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